Last night’s presidential debate was not just a drubbing, not even the word wallop encapsulates the utter smack down Romney laid on Obama. No, those words don’t cut it. Massacre, decimation, slaughter all seem more appropriate descriptors.

In the CNN poll, 67% of registered voters said Romney won to 25% who gave it to Obama. As Dave Weigel of Slate noted, that’s the biggest debate victory in the history of the CNN poll.

With such an unanimous verdict of victory, what’s the first thing our debate watching party did when the debate ended? Turn on MSNBC, of course!

Watching the likes of Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz have near nervous breakdowns on screen gave us a newfound appreciation for the word Schadenfreude.

As former Denver Post editorial board head Dan Haley tweeted:

It wasn’t just the leg-tingler that melted down before our very eyes, but a whole host of left wing celebrities, from Bill Maher to Michael Moore, who couldn’t restrain their sheer horror at watching Obama get spanked like a cheap Vegas hooker.

Even million dollar Obama Super PAC donor Bill Maher tore into the Dear Leader:

This will be a serious problem for the Obama campaign, as the next presidential debate isn’t for another 12 days. That’s nearly two weeks of negative news cycles replaying the Mile High Mauling with only the Vice Presidential debate offering a reprieve.

If there is anyone the Obama campaign can count on in a pinch, it’s surely Joe Biden.