10/10 UPDATE: Revealing Politics brings us video of Senator Bennet’s “crack political analysis”:

UPDATE: Politico’s Alex Burns asks if Hick’s post-debate spin was the worst…ever?

Readers seeking more information on Lincoln’s reputation as a debater might consider reading any American history book ever written, or at least seeing the forthcoming Spielberg film.


President Obama’s local Colorado surrogates have become punch lines in national media in their attempt to spin away Obama’s spanking in last week’s debate.

Today, Governor Hickenlooper made news when he tried to claim that Abraham Lincoln — he of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates — “wasn’t a great debater.”

That earned him derision from a number of respected national reporters, including former Colorado great Adam Schrager and Politico’s Alexander Burns:

Hickenlooper wasn’t the only one with weak @ss spin. Immediately after the debate the Obama campaign sent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet on MSNBC to do a little clean up and even Chris Matthews found Bennet’s talking points pathetic. You know you’re in trouble when the man with the tingle running up his leg won’t buy your left-wing BS.

All throughout the segment Bennet keeps trying to push the narrative that Obama was the more substantive debater with big ideas, comments that produce proverbial eye-rolling from Matthews and Bennet’s fellow panelists.

After Bennet tried to claimed that Obama “is not the flashiest politician in the world” the panel of Chris Matthews, Michael Steele and Howard Fineman all laughed in Bennet’s face at the sheer stupidity of that statement.

Check out the full video after the jump. Needless to say, Colorado Pols’ post today about Obama’s surrogates being great looks about as stupid as their claim that Obama “won” the debate last week.

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