Colorado State House District 61 Democratic candidate Millie Hamner held court to a less-than-packed house at a campaign stop yesterday.  The Colorado Democratic Party, in full reality denial, tweeted “Millie Hamner fires up supporters on a breezy Saturday afternoon”.  First, can we just pause a moment to consider that Hamner is using a microphone to speak to seven people?  Seven.  Good grief, what does she do for Thanksgiving Dinner with the family?  Hire a sky writer for conversations?  Second, everyone in that crowd looks completely fired up.  Particularly the girl playing Angry Birds on her iPhone (we can only assume) in the mauve jacket.

The reality for Hamner (and for the Democratic Party – Inzeo, we’re talking to you) is that this race is a tough race for Hamner.  She’s facing not only Republican candidate Debra Irvine, but also former Democratic-now-Independent candidate Kathleen Curry.  Further, the numbers don’t strongly favor Hamner, according to the Denver Post:

“The district is a highly competitive one, with 31.8 percent of its voters registered as Democrats, 29.1 percent registered as Republicans and 38. 2 percent registered as unaffiliated. In voter performance, though, the district has leaned slightly Democratic.”

That said, Curry told the Denver Post she thought she would steal more votes from the Republican candidate than the Democratic candidate. When Curry announced she made the ballot earlier this year, she revealed her campaign strategy: “This one’s going to be close, I think…. The voters out here – you have to earn their votes. It takes one-on-one conversations to do that.”

It’s awfully tough to have conversations with voters when they don’t attend your events.  With such a lovely day sunny day yesterday, where were all of Hamner’s supporters?  Perhaps Curry draws more of Hamner’s supporters than she thinks.