The Democrat front group “Colorado Accountable Government Alliance” finds itself under fire again for underhanded tactics.

This time, former Democrat-turned-Independent candidate for HD61, Kathleen Curry, emailed supporters to let them know three separate District Attorneys are investigating the group for using “false information to influence voters.”

Democrats have reason to fear Curry, who has the ability to act as a spoiler in the three-way race with incumbent Democrat Millie Hamner and Republican challenger Debra Irvine. Curry lost by only 300 votes in 2010 when she was a write-in candidate. Add that to the fact that Hamner has struggled to get supporters to even show up at recent rallies, and you begin to understand why the Democrats are going nasty on Kathleen Curry.

From Curry’s email:

If anyone watches Jon Stewart, you might have seen his new segment called “Please, for the love of God, make it stop!…” and some days I feel that is a pretty accurate description of this election cycle. In the last two weeks – the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance Independent Expenditure Committee has spent $122,000 in an effort to discredit me. Their ad campaign is vicious, factually incorrect and personally hurtful. In the political world, this means two things: 1. They are worried about the race.  2. They are worried about getting to 33.

….Oh – I forgot to mention, the three District Attorneys in my house district are in the process of investigating the pac that is paying for the mudslinging – they are breaking the law because they are using false information to influence voters. If you want more information on that please go to my website, or email me.

The mudslinging coming from the “Colorado Accountable Government Alliance” could come back to bite the Democrats in the event they need Curry’s vote to take the Speaker’s gavel.

A very possible scenario could play out with Democrats and Republicans winning 32 seats in the House, and both parties seeking Curry’s essential 33rd vote (which she references in her email) to take the majority.

Kathleen Curry has a real shot at the seat. Running as a write-in candidate is a nearly impossible task and she came within 300 votes of winning in 2010. Her name will be on the ballot this year. Making matters worse for Democrats, incumbent Millie Hamner was appointed to the position — her name has never been on the ballot before.

Democrats are gambling they can knock down Curry enough to allow Hamner to slip through in the liberal-leaning ski district. Of course, Curry and Hamner could end up splitting Democrats, and Republican challenger Debra Irvine could sneak past them both.

Unless it’s Millie Hamner returned to the Golden Dome in November, Democrat House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino will have reason to worry about HD61. If we were Kathleen Curry, we wouldn’t want to help the man who green-lighted the attacks against us ascend up the political ranks. Ferrandino better hope his group’s attacks are enough to keep Curry out of favor with the good folks of HD61.