An article in yesterday’s National Journal revealed a potentially game-changing scenario for Democrats in Colorado — is Barack Obama’s campaign looking at abandoning Colorado?

Reports National Journal‘s Major Garret:

What also became clear after the dust began to settle from the rumble on Long Island was the electoral map has narrowed and Obama’s team, while conceding nothing publicly, is circling the wagons around OhioIowaNew Hampshire, and Nevada. [Obama Senior Advisor David] Plouffe said that Obama remains strong in all four states, but he would not discuss the specifics of internal polling or voter-contact analytics, saying only that Obama has “significant leads” in all four places.

It is uncharacteristic of Team Obama to concede any terrain, but Plouffe offered no such assurances about Obama’s position in North CarolinaVirginia, or Florida. Romney advisers have seen big gains in all three states and now consider wins likely, although not guaranteed, in all three. They are similarly upbeat about prospects in Colorado but not confident enough to predict victory. That Plouffe left Colorado off his list of states where Obama’s leading and can withstand a Romney surge might be telling. [Peak emphasis]

The Romney surge in Colorado is real, as both the recent Denver Post poll found as well as the RealClearPolitics polling roundup that gives Romney a slim 0.7% lead over Obama.

We doubt there will be any obvious signs of an Obama pull out in the near term, if indeed that’s what Team Hopenchange is contemplating. We’re not even sure that the possibility is real — after all, we and most observers have thought the race in Colorado would come down to the wire.

Still, the mere possibility that Plouffe allowed the National Journal to float — without any pushback publicly so far — is fascinating.

If Obama were to abandon Colorado, that could spell D-O-O-M for down-ticket Democrats.