Republicans in Colorado are continuing to outpace Democrats in early ballot returns, growing their lead with ballots returned as of this morning.

Surprisingly, Republicans are winning both the mail-in/absentee ballot returns AND early voting.

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source with access to ballot return numbers, the figures are as follows:


R: 187,824 (39.7%)

D: 171,971 (36.3%)

U: 108,421 (22.9%)

Mail-In/Absentee Ballots

R: 172,461

D: 158,139

U: 98,532

Early Voting

R: 15,363

D: 13,832

U: 9,889

As a reminder, the latest Denver Post poll of Colorado has Romney winning Unaffiliateds 43/39

Advantage, still Romney.


See the ballot returns from October 24 here and October 23 here.

Brandon Rittiman of 9News had a great analysis piece yesterday comparing 2008 turnout to 2012 turnout. What he found was Republicans have a 9 point-swing in their favor this year.