With Thanksgiving approaching there are two things we are especially thankful for in this time of Democratic dominance at the ballot box: the 10th Amendment and TABOR. Both constitutional amendments help keep liberal politicians in check at the national and state levels, bringing power closer to the people.

Unfortunately, the good governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, doesn’t seem to respect the power of the people through Amendment 64 to tell the federal government to shove it. Rather than standing up for his state’s right to dictate our own laws on the sticky-icky, Hick has decided instead to make condescending comments about not “break[ing] out the Cheetos and Gold Fish too quickly” because Obama’s federal government still declares adult marijuana possession illegal.

We agree with our liberal buddies over at Colorado Pols who have told Hick he needs to “grow some spine” and tell the federal government where they can stick their marijuana laws.

For a conservative perspective, take Republican Congressman Mike Coffman’s recent actions for example. He has co-sponsored a bill to exempt states that pass marijuana laws from certain sections of the Controlled Substances Act, even though he’s not a legalization supporter. In doing so he is proving that conservative principles of small government and states’ rights trump individual policy stances.

The people of Colorado have spoken, and clearly, with Amendment 64. Governor Hickenlooper needs to speak with equal clarity on behalf of this state to Obama’s administration in telling them we’re going our own way.

As an aside, we don’t much agree with Weld County DA Ken Buck’s equally tone-deaf decision to continue to prosecute adult marijuana possession charges until Amendment 64 becomes law. It’s not being tough on crime to prosecute something the voters of Colorado (and Weld County) decided shouldn’t be a crime.

Conservatives are supposed to believe in the power of the people over the power of politicians. The people have spoken and the politicians need to lead the fight, follow the people or get out of the way.