The odd-couple pairing by Denver radio station 630KHOW of liberal blowhard David Sirota and conservative Michael Brown caused some to scratch their heads initially. Turns out the honeymoon may be over.  We’ve heard that Sirota’s days at KHOW are numbered.  Then, we noticed when listening to the show yesterday that any reference to Sirota had been stripped from the bumper music. Further, Michael Brown led with “this is Michael Brown on KHOW ’til 7 o’clock” and never mentioned Sirota or the name of their show “The Rundown with Sirota and Brown”.

The news comes just a couple of months after this Revealing Politics video of Sirota freaking out at 850KOA host and Denver staple, Mike Rosen at “Battle of the Talk Show Hosts” in October of last year.  Sirota’s expletive-laced diatribe features his favorite modifier, “mother f@*^er”.  Just watch.

In addition to his radio gig, Sirota is a long-time journalist and contributor to, who aspires to be the next Keith Olbermann (we assume when Olbermann was gainfully employed) or Rachel Maddow (he’s got the haircut close).  We suppose he could always get a job at CurrenTV.  Oh, wait.  Al Jazeera owns that now.  Hm…..