It’s opening day at the Colorado State Legislature with a record-breaking 31 brand new legislators just getting their feet wet. As Democrats, who control the Colorado State House and Senate, ponder just how to talk about moderation while kowtowing to their left-wing, fracktivist, gun-grabbing base, we wonder:

1) Will Democrat Sen. John Morse really introduce a bill that requires funding from TABOR while he works to decimate the program?

2) Will Evie Hudak finally admit that she’s really Rodney Dangerfield in disguise?

3) Will Democrats force anti-gun measures through the State House and Senate over the will of the people?

4) Just how much influence will unions have in legislation? Will Michael Johnston get his way or will the Burly Union Bride ride roughshod over his reform agenda?

5) Just how much will the Democratic legislature step on the throat of the oil and gas industry, one of Colorado’s fastest growing industries? If the legislative session were a movie will it be more Gasland or FrackNation?

6) Will journalist radio host strategist the unemployed David Sirota turn up as a Democratic legislative aide in this year’s Democratic-controlled legislature following his unceremonious firing from Clear Channel?

7) How much bubbly did trial lawyers buy to celebrate Morgan Carroll as Senate Majority Leader?

8) Who will be the first legislator to be pulled over for a DUI?

9) Who will be the first legislator caught looking at porn on their new taxpayer-funded iPads?