Ed News Colorado is out with a story discussing education issues that are expected to take a high profile when the Legislature comes to order this week.

But Ed News missed the real story, as it has been described to us: Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) vs. Senator Michael Johnston (D-Denver).

Hudak, who has made her career doing political quid pro quo with the teachers union, is rumored to have her plate full with legislation to roll back various accountability measures. At the top of the list, we are told, is an effort to undue or delay SB 191, the much talked about teacher tenure reform bill spearheaded by Johnston in 2010.

Hudak’s obvious problem is that Johnston serves on the Senate Education Committee. Since Johnston is, on education reform issues at least, more Republican than Democrat, Johnston carries the Big Stick of being able to work around Hudak and the Union Bosses who command her.

Hudak, however, is not known to lie down quietly. You can bet at every turn, the Burly Union Bride will pull out all the stops…attack, threats, appeals to Morgan Carroll, physical violence…to work around Johnston and Republicans.

Johnston, who has gone off the reservation on tax hikes, is still a reliable voice when it comes to fighting for sensible school reform.

Will Johnston back down?

Will Johnston have his way?

Will Republicans and Johnston control the fate of all school accountability legislation?

Will Evie Hudak’s head explode?

These questions and more will be answered, in entertaining fashion we predict, over the coming 120 days.