2:45PM UPDATE: The story that won’t die about the dead elk that did has late afternoon breaking news — mourners of the deceased Bull are planning a silent march on Pearl Street to express concern for the quality of life challenges that elk face in Boulder.  Since it will be a silent march, it will be difficult for the press to actually write a story on the event, though we are sure our media friends will try.

The news out of Boulder this week about vigils honoring an elk slain by a Boulder County law enforcement official is turning even more absurd, with reports that Boulder County D.A. Stan Garnett is considering the prosecution of the cop who killed the Bull.

Per the Boulder Daily Camera:

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett now says the decision on whether to file criminal charges against the Boulder police officers involved in the shooting and disposal of an elk in the Mapleton Hill neighborhood will not be made this week.

…In the meantime, Garnett said he has received close to 15,000 e-mail messages as well as phone calls and letters about the elk case.

One petition already has over 14,000 signatures demanding the firing and prosecution of the cop.

The lynch mob of judge and jury members in Boulder sure are a presumptuous gaggle, aren’t they?

Didn’t you learn in grade school about the elk murderer exception to “inncocent until provent guilty”? Sorry Boulder, but there is no nice way to say this…you suck.

When was the last time a mob of liberals ever demanded the prosecution of anyone for anything? Aren’t they the ones always whooping about prison populations?

Stan Garnett, who ran and lost for Attorney General in 2010 and is rumored to be thinking of a run again, should think about the appearance of this. If he runs for AG this time, every other case he has refused to prosecute will be contrasted by his decision to go “John Wayne” on the renegade elk killer. What better way for Republicans to prove that “serious Boulder prosecutor” is an oxy-moron?

But in Boulder, morons are everywhere. Now we get to find out whether the DA is one himself.

The final point we want to make is the most important…the world is full of real horrors…without even knowing all the details of the case, we do know that this is not one.

Save the elk? Yeah ok, we agree.

Turn it into jerky and put it in your freezer, you ignoramous Boulder Valley Douchebags.