Boulder DA Stan Garnett announced today that the Boulder cops who murdered an innocent elk and turned it into jerky have been arrested and could face prison time. A decision to prosecute seems to suggest only one thing — that Stan Garnett, the losing Attorney General candidate in 2010, is deciding not to take another stab at the job in 2014.

Reports the Boulder Daily Camera:

District Attorney Stan Garnett today announced that Boulder police officers Sam Carter and Brent Curnow were arrested this morning in connection with the Jan. 1 shooting of a towering bull elk on Mapleton Hall, saying investigators determined the two men conspired to kill the elk as a trophy and for its meat.

The officers are facing felony counts of tampering with physical evidence, attempt to influence a public servant and forgery, as well as misdemeanor charges of unlawful taking of a trophy elk, a Samson law surcharge, killing an elk out of season, use of an electronic device to take an elk, and official misconduct. 

The TV ad writes itself.

It seems Stan couldn’t withstand the pressure from the Patchouli-perfumed PETA protesters. An army of over 10,000 angry animists petitioned, called and emailed until Garnett gave in.

We figured if Garnett had any future statewide aspirations he would call off the lynch mob and avoid associating himself with an easily mockable high profile case.

That was a week ago, when there were still some unanswered questions that the “serious Boulder prosecutor” has resolved by his announcement today. As we said at the time:

If he runs for AG this time, every other case he has refused to prosecute will be contrasted by his decision to go “John Wayne” on the renegade elk killer. What better way for Republicans to prove that “serious Boulder prosecutor” is an oxy-moron?

But in Boulder, morons are everywhere. Now we get to find out whether the DA is one himself.

Mystery solved? Stan’s staying in Boulder?