How many of you wish you could make $72,500 a year and only show up part-time? Sounds nice, right? That’s just what former House Majority Leader Paul Weissmann has been able to work out on the back of Colorado taxpayers after getting appointed Boulder County Trustee by Governor Hickenlooper.

Reports The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels:

Former lawmaker Paul Weissmann, the appointed Boulder County trustee, also works as a legislative aide for the House Democrats, a practice some Republicans say is inappropriate.

Weissmann makes $72,500 as trustee, and works up to 20 hours a week as a $10-an-hour aide.

…Trustees are charged with serving as the impartial administrators of a county’s foreclosure system. In most counties the treasurer performs the duty, but the governor appoints the treasurer in 10 counties. Some lawmakers think that system needs to change.

“In the other counties, those trustees can’t come down here and work as a legislative aide,” [Rep Ray] Scott said. “They’re accountable to their counties.”

How does Weissmann get away with making his $72k public trustee job part time, allowing enough time to play politics for the Democrats at the Capitol?

As Bartels explained the last time Weissmann was caught double-dipping into the public trough:

The salary for appointed trustees is automatic, so they earn $72,500 annually, no matter how many days or hours they work.

If you wonder why people have very little trust in public spending, Weissmann’s ability to stick his hand into taxpayer’s pockets from multiple directions might give you a sense.

What makes this worse is Weissmann was appointed Boulder County Trustee after a spending scandal by a number of now-former trustees that were forced to resign. The former Boulder County Trustee was forced out after it was found out he took a small commission on setting up insurance for himself and his employees.

Remind us how that’s much different from what Weissmann is pulling now.