On Sunday, Governor Hickenlooper is set to go on CBS’s Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer to whine about the impact of the sequester on Colorado. If the sequester goes through, Colorado stands to lose $67.9 million in federal funds over the next year, according to The Denver Post‘s Allison Sherry.

(No, for those wondering, Hick will not be moderating. He’ll actually have to answer questions this time.)

Maybe Bob Schieffer should point out to the good governor that the pending legislation to ban standard capacity magazines over 15 rounds, HB1224, would actually cost Colorado even more — at least $85 million that Magpul projects it will contribute to Colorado’s economy in 2013. And that doesn’t even include the salaries of its 200 employees.

It sure would be nice to have a member of the media hold Hick’s feet to the fire rather than host panel discussions that allow the Guv to avoid any scrutiny. You know…journalism.

As The Denver Post reported last week:

Magpul employs 200 people directly, ranging from basic assembly workers to product designers and other professionals specializing in weapons-related components, Liptak said.

As much as possible, the company tries to contract with Colorado vendors, who represent about 90 percent of its supply chain, he said. Those suppliers received about $46 million last year from Magpul, with the company projecting that number to reach $85 million for 2013, Liptak said.

A large share of those dollars goes to manufacturers that mold the company’s mostly plastic components, including the controversial cases that can hold more than 15 rounds.

North Denver’s Alfred Manufacturing Co. has grown from 40 employees in 2008 to 150 largely because of the work provided by Magpul, said the company’s third-generation chief executive, Greg Alfred.

As Hickenlooper has already started to express doubt about signing HB1224, it would seem worth it for Schieffer to press him on the issue.

Assuming Hick is better at math than House Finance Chair Lois Court, all Schieffer has to ask is:

Governor, which number is higher? 67.9 or 85?