A tough week for Speaker Mark Ferrandino and House Democrats went from bad to worse as negative national attention again focused on House Democrats.

After being blasted for more than a week about freshman State Rep. Joe Salazar’s (D-Thornton) demeaning comments about college women and his belief that they “don’t know if they’re going to be raped,” Mark Ferrandino and his Democrats were admonished again by national pundits for pandering to pedophiles by killing legislation that would have created mandatory minimum sentences for criminals who are found guilty of violent sex offenses against children.

As we reported earlier, Ferrandino came under fire from Bill O’Reilly and Colorado State Rep. Libby Szabo (R-Arvada) who was a guest on his show. O’Reilly took it straight to Ferrandino, making a point to emphasize that Speaker Ferrandino directed the death of Jessica’s Law by sending it to his personal “kill committee.”

Today, some House Democrats, after a weekend of watching their “leader” and their caucus again pummeled on the national stage, apparently have asked the question aloud to Democratic lobbyists whether he’s up to the task. We’ve openly speculated whether Ferrandino is truly in charge, or whether, as some have noted, that Speaker Pro-Tem Claire Levy and Majority Leader Dicky Lee “Velma” Hullinghorst are calling the shots.

Either way, House Democratic leadership should be concerned about the potential for insurrection from a freshman class that we hear is bristling under the too-tight-reigns of House Democratic leadership.

Between the overreaching gun grab pushed by Ferrandino, to his mismanagement bordering on malpractice of criminal justice issues, it’s no wonder that House Democrats returned on Monday with serious questions for Ferrandino and his lackeys.