As we noted last night, Democratic Rep. Joe Salazar’s “inarftful” comments became the number one story in all of Twitter Nation. That is unheard of. Twitter is to Joe Salazar’s flub what The Denver Post is to civil unions…all day, every day, every where.

As of 10:30 this morning, Salazar’s comments still are dominating the 140-character based social media site, with #LiberalTips2AvoidRape the number one trending hashtag on Twitter. 

The hashtag is a reference to Salazar’s suggestion that a rape whistle and call box suffice for self protection and the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring’s new directive that women should urinate on themselves to stop rapists from attacking them.

House Speaker Mark Ferrandino — Salazar’s boss — is crying out of context, refusing to directly condemn Salazar’s offensive comments. But that’s simply not going to cut it.

Even liberal mouthpiece Colorado Pols is calling out Salazar for the content of his remarks:

Democrats may not want to hear it, but the fact is, what Rep. Salazar said can be interpreted in objectively very upsetting ways…

The video Revealing Politics released is not some edited 10-second hackjob, but a full recounting of Salazar’s argument. A forty-second unedited clip of his floor speech is in no way “out of context.”

So far Governor Hickenlooper has not condemned Salazar’s remarks. Will the press ask him or will he get his normal hall pass?

Will Salazar be forced to give something other than this “sorry if I offended anyone” cop-out?