Imagine how it feels to be freshman State Rep. Mike McLachlan (D-Durango).

Barely into his first full month of being in the Legislature, he breaks his pledge to support gun owners rights. 

And he got an earful at his townhall meeting over the weekend about it:

“I’m a centrist,” [McLachlan] told the crowd, some of whom jeered at him. He explained that putting limits on high-capacity ammunition magazines was a good idea, and he would settle for 30-round magazines.

To make matters that much worse, imagine McLachlan’s surprise when he flipped on the TV yesterday morning and saw Governor John Hickenlooper on CBS’s Face the Nation refuse to support gun control measures, instead waxing nonsensical about mental health issues.

Per The Denver Post‘s Allison Sherry:

WASHINGTON — Gov. John Hickenlooper skirted a question Sunday on whether he believes in bans on assault weapons and limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines, in a morning appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation.

Asked what was his highest priority in strengthening the nation’s guns laws, Hickenlooper said he wanted to focus on universal background checks and “mental health issues.”

You know what’s worse than betraying gun owners? Betraying gun owners on a bill that dies or Hick vetoes.

Think Senate Democrats are paying attention? They better, because they have crawled out on a shaky political branch that just might get sawed off — by John Hickenlooper.

Wanna bet whether the magazine limit bill dies quietly in the Senate before more people crawl out on that limb? May not be likely, but the Vegas odds are improving on it everyday.