McLachlanIn 2012, now-Rep. Mike McLachlan ran in a fairly conservative district touting his support of Second Amendment rights. During the highly partisan 2013 legislative session, McLachlan not only supported his party in its slash-and-burn gun grab, but he introduced the amendment that limited the amount of rounds per magazine to 15.  So, what happened when McLachlan’s opponent J. Paul Brown asked at a Club 20 Debate if McLachlan was sorry that he supported those unpopular, rancorous gun laws?  He gave his constituents a big middle finger:

Our question is – will he apologize for lying to his constituents?  Here’s his position on gun issues from his 2012 campaign website: McLachlan 2aOoops.  He supports the rights of all gun owners, except all the constituents/gun owners who have magazines with more than 15 rounds.  Oh. And, all those who have basic hunting shotguns, which his amendment banned. We wonder how many of McLachlan’s constituents have basic hunting shotguns.  Even now, his page on gun issues claims that he supports the Second Amendment.

Let’s call a spade a spade. McLachlan cannot simultaneously claim to support Second Amendment rights and pass some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

If McLachlan was genuinely anti-gun and not operating from an overabundance of political expediency, perhaps his constituents could look beyond his disastrous vote.  But, first, he lied to his constituents in order to get elected and, then, when his constituents wanted to chat with him, he hid.  Finally, when push came to shove, he chose former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg instead of the people of Durango, Colorado.

Maybe it’s time the good people of Durango, Colorado chose someone else over Rep. McLachlan when they vote this year.  After all, one good turn deserves another, right PeakNation™?