Oy vey. If it isn’t bad enough that Rep. Mike McLachlan (D-Durango) showed no remorse whatsoever for passing onerous gun control laws, it has become clear he didn’t even understand what he was voting for in the first place.

McLachlan, an attorney, whole-heartedly supported HB13-1228, which extends background checks to private transfers. So, even if you’re loaning your gun to a family member or friend they will need to go through a background check otherwise they’re in violation of the law. While utterly ridiculous, the basic intent of this law is crystal clear.

However, another golden nugget from the Club 20 debate reveals that McLachlan, doesn’t have a grasp on how HB13-1228 actually works at all. He outright denies that loaning a friend your gun requires a background check, even though that’s exactly what he voted for! It’s enough to make your head spin.

Our friends at Revealing Politics caught McLachlan’s embarrassing moment on tape, take a look:

It would be funny, if it weren’t so damn scary that McLachlan influences our public policy.