It must be tough to be Democratic State Representative Mike McLachlan, who rode an election wave as a Democratic machine cog into office representing an inherently conservative district in a year that gun control was a top issue.  This morning, the Peak received notice that Rep. McLachlan had postponed his listening tour of his district due to “legislative requirements”. See the email from McNasty McLachlan below.

This particular weekend’s “legislative requirements” may include listening to the throngs of 2nd Amendment supporters headed to the Capitol to testify about Democrats’ radical gun control legislation today.  Their testimony may spill over into the weekend.

One of the most discussed components of this legislation is the ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines of more than 15-rounds.  The 15-round ban was McLachlan’s contribution to the gun control conversation, which ought to cause some consternation among his Western slope constituency with whom gun control is not popular.  Earlier this week, he told the Denver Post that “fifteen is a reasonable number and this is what [he is] going to ask in [his] amendment.”

Not a single Democratic legislator, including McLachlan, has been able to convey why 15 is acceptable, but higher is not.

McLachlan can postpone listening to what his constituents have to say about gun control, but he cannot hide forever from the dichotomy between the gun control advocated by his uber-liberal backers in Denver and his constituents’ support of 2nd Amendment rights.