OUR VIEW: Best case, the Mag Ban bill, HB1224, was rushed. Worst case, it was drafted by a liberal on quaaludes who has never shot a gun.

The amount of chatter about Kyle Clark and Brandon Rittiman’s report on the gaping F-up’s in the magazine ban legislation is off the charts. Clark has long been the worst nightmare of the unprepared politico. Now he and sidekick Rittiman are the worst nightmare of ill-conceived legislation also.

And it is the buzz of Colorado politics this morning. (You can see the full segment after the jump)

Here are 3 takeaways: 

(1) State Rep. Rhonda Fields has been discredited as a serious spokesperson for gun control. Because of her tragic loss, Fields has been portrayed by the capitol’s printed press corps as hero, luminary and stateswoman. Don’t mess with Rhonda!

But one segment answering questions about “her bill” should end this favorable treatment. A legislator that can’t string simple answers together about her “own bill” is no legislator at all. Someone else is obviously pulling strings. Fields is a tragic figure, but as a policy maker she is more akin to Evie than Hillary. It was almost sad seeing Rep. Fields exposed as someone who didn’t know what was in her bill.

(2) The mag ban has serious holes. Is it any wonder that the liberal blogs have done their best to knock down the “oops we banned shotguns” and then “oops we banned glocks” narratives? Thou doth protest too much, Colorado Pols. This bill is a mess.

Republican legislators have been hammering these facts for weeks, though the print press totally ignored them. But Jon Caldara’s clever YouTube-side chat, covered by The Colorado Observer, blown up by Complete Colorado and Revealing Politics, took the story mainstream. In the light of day, the policy just doesn’t hold up. Best case, the bill was rushed. Worst case, it was drafted by a liberal on quaaludes who has never shot a gun. 

(3) The idea that Hickenlooper will for certain sign this legislation is now a thing of the past. Watch that 9News report and tell us how Hickenlooper can sign that bill. Even before Clark’s report, the DC talking heads had started talking about how Hickenlooper was losing his moderate ju ju. Polling shows the public mood has turned against gun control.

That was before the public and the DC writers knew that the big bad bill at the center of this controversy banned every damn magazine in Colorado.

Can John Hickenlooper really sign a bill that bans every damn magazine in Colorado?

As Senator Brophy (R-Wray) said in a press release:

“How far do the Democrats want to go pushing gun control in Colorado? This is the moment we find out who Governor Hickenlooper really is. Is he the gun control Governor or is he really the pro-business moderate he claims to be?”

Oh my God Becky, did Kyle Clark and Brandon Rittiman’s straightforward reporting kill Michael Bloomberg’s gun ban?