Gun rights supporters packed Sen. Angela Giron’s (D-Pueblo) town hall meeting in protest of the gun grab

Conservatives, gun owners and those opposed to an over-reaching government should not feel totally hopeless after hearing that Governor Hickenlooper is ignoring their concerns and signing the magazine ban tomorrow. In the gun control debate, there have been a number of key victories that are worth remembering.

This legislative battle may be over, but the war continues. Here’s 6 reasons for conservatives to cheer:

(1) Two of the bills, at a great embarrassment to their sponsors, died an unceremonious death, as leadership tried to resuscitate them. It isn’t often that a signature bill from the Senate President gets whacked without a vote in the case of the “assault” weapon manufacturer liability legislation. HB1226, the ban on concealed carry, died due to both the utter stupidity and insensitivity of two Democrat legislators and the courageous testimony of victims who didn’t want to be “disarmed” by the Legislature’s vote.

(2) The bills that did pass, passed narrowly when Democrats control everything. Remember, Democrats have a whopping 38-27 advantage in the House and a healthy 20-15 majority in the Senate. The fact that the gun bills had close votes at all is a testament to the opposition’s campaign. 

(3) Hickenlooper was flipping and flopping for a reason: because his phone was ringing off the hook, his email was full, planes were flying over his head. As recently as three weeks ago, Hickenlooper was on Sunday talk shows ducking whether or not he would sign them.

(4) Rep. Mike McLachlan (D-Durango) knows he’s baked. It’s one and done for his legislative career. He reneged on his support for a 30 round limit in the magazine ban legislation, and then waffled on supporting the 15 round limit when the bill came back to the House. In a sign of how pissed off his people are back home, in one of the most sparsely populated districts in the state, McLachlan saw 500 angry gun rights supporters show up to his town hall recently to denounce him as a “traitor.” 

(5) The shotgun ban, which Democrats fixed, and the readily convertible mag bungling, which Democrats didn’t, are story lines that aren’t going anywhere. Some have said these narratives are made up. Tell it to Kyle Clark.

(6) You know what other story lines aren’t going gently into that good night? Joe Salazar and Evie Hudak‘s despicable comments about women and rape. Those two lowly legislative losers are no longer known only to Capitol insiders but to people all across the country. Their comments made national news and will most certainly be appearing in campaign commercials come 2014. War on Women? We got some of that right here for you, Democrats.