A new survey of law enforcement officers on the issue of gun control drastically undercuts Governor Hickenlooper’s argument that he signed the bills in the name of public safety.

Those engaged in the daily fight against violent crime appear to disagree vehemently with Hickenlooper’s gun grab argument.

From the survey summary:

In March, PoliceOne conducted the most comprehensive survey ever of American law enforcement officers’ opinions on the topic gripping the nation’s attention in recent weeks: gun control.

More than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals took part in the survey, which aimed to bring together the thoughts and opinions of the only professional group devoted to limiting and defeating gun violence as part of their sworn responsibility.

Top Line Takeaways

Breaking down the results, it’s important to note that 70 percent of respondents are field-level law enforcers — those who are face-to-face in the fight against violent crime on a daily basis — not office-bound, non-sworn administrators or perpetually-campaigning elected officials.

It’s the first question in particular that sticks out to us, seeing that it concerns a magazine ban similar to the one Hickenlooper signed into law recently. Apparently the actual experts on gun violence believe the law will do all of zero and zilch to actually reduce violent crime.

That about lines up with how virtually every Colorado Sheriff in Colorado feels about the magazine ban, according to a memo released by their organization, the non-partisan County Sheriffs of Colorado.

Seeing that 37 of Colorado’s Sheriffs are suing the state over the mag ban, this could end up being a very useful exhibit in the case. After all, expert testimony counts for something in court, even if it didn’t in the Colorado Legislature.