Colorado’s Democratic politicians have captured the most important lesson of 2012: 

The rich think themselves impervious to both 

our crummy economy and higher taxes.

How else explain Democrats plundering Colorado’s economy to repay their largest donors? There’s higher pay for state bureaucrats and plans for higher Medicaid and public school spending.

Stewarding the Donor

Combined these will mean well over $2 billion a year in higher state spending (per legislative staff analysis). That’s pay-off for the $4.2 million in public sector union political cash in the last two elections (not counting cash from millionaires like Bloomberg, Stryker and Gill). Out-year costs to taxpayers for these bureaucrat bonanazas are not easily found.

Plutocratic Blithe Disregard

That out-of-control state spending and higher taxes don’t worry the wealthy is evident from two facts.

Colorado’s wealthiest business leaders back a new billion dollar tax on individual Coloradans.

Voters with incomes above $200,000 gave 4% more votes to Obama than to their choices for US House. While that may not seem like a big swing in votes, 2012 saw an incredibly tiny swing”vote nationally. Cumulatively, fewer than 1% of voters voted one way for President and a different way for US House candidates (Fox).

All this matches Democrats’ view of White House visits. The sequester won’t stop rich people visiting the White House. Ordinary school kids, however, are told to buzz off.

Top to bottom, the Democrats are using your tax dollars to curry favor with the ultra-rich.