Colorado’s Democrats plundered taxpayers to pay back their biggest donors – $2 Billion annually and counting. Details here.

The uglier side of pork barrel payback is punishing non-supporters.

Democrats now target rural Colorado for punishingly high energy bills. Bill sponsor Sen. Schwartz is from Aspen where “at least 50 billionaires on Forbes’ most recent wealth lists own property or have strong ties….” Money’s no problem.

Bill opponents are local not-for-profit operations. A Limon Leader piece reports compliance costs “will be between $2.5 and $4 billion.” $8,000 per rural utility consumer. Additionally, electricity rates will climb 15%.

Collateral damage from this proposal is truly horrific.

High Levels of Rural Poverty

Worse than in urban/Front Range counties. Most rural poor are worse off than before the Great Recession. Daily Yonder offers a map. Why do Democrats want to add to rural misery?

Global Hunger

Pivot irrigation requires electricity to grow food. How many acres will cease production with a 15% rate hike? See the CSU map (page 7). How many children will go hungry? With worldwide food prices hitting record highs this year.

The bill’s sponsors know that around two dozen agricultural counties backed Romney. This bill will drag down the local economies and harm every person in these counties. It’s retribution against Coloradans whose vote followed their consciences.

The real question is whether Morse, Schwartz, Carroll, Giron, Jahn, Jones, Nicholson, Steadman, Ferrandino, Duran, Court, Hamner, Hullinghorst, Kraft-Tharp, McLachlan, Moreno, Rosenthal, Ryden, Schafer, Vigil or Young have one of those.