With news of a badly photoshopped mailer against some county clerks, it’s worth flashing back to the last time this became political fodder in Colorado.

In 2010, then-U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff’s campaign website had a photo on it that was found to have been photoshopped to make it appear that an African-American woman was standing beside the candidate.

Reported The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels at the time:

A photo montage on Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff’s website was manipulated to make it appear as though an African-American supporter was standing directly at his side in the shot.

The woman, former Denver School Board candidate Andrea Mosby, was at his campaign kickoff at Washington Park last September. But she was not standing directly next to Romanoff when that particular picture was taken.

Here’s a suggestion for those involved in producing political mailers — don’t alter photos unless you’re sure it’s necessary and, more importantly, won’t cause headaches for your client.