In case Coloradans needed further confirmation that our state is the epicenter of the gun debate, millions of Americans found some of Colorado’s most familiar faces in their mailbox this week.  The entire front cover of America’s 1st Freedom, the NRA’s official journal regarding Second Amendment issues, was dedicated to the landmark gun control measures that the Democrats jammed through the Colorado legislature this year.

Pictured were Senate President John Morse, State Senators Jesse Ulibarri and Evie Hudak, and State Rep. Joe Salazar. Each photo was accompanied by their notorious quotes such as Hudak’s condescending statement to a rape victim, “Statistics are not on your side, even if you had a gun.”

The cover story was actually written by Amanda Collins, the rape victim whose eloquent testimony ran headlong into Senator Hudak’s ignorant talking points.  In describing Amanda, the introduction to her story noted that as an advocate for the rights of women, “she has been met with respect, compassion, and admiration…until she traveled to testify before the Colorado legislature.”

Although in a few short weeks we will be spared further embarassing antics by Senator Hudak and her ilk (at least until next year), the damage left in their wake will be felt for years to come, and may never be unwound.