State Representative Joe Salazar, who earlier this year gained national attention for his shameful remarks from the House floor questioning the judgement of women to carry firearms, is at it again. This time, the lawmaker’s weapon of choice is his Twitter feed.

Salazar was so impressed by comedian Sarah Silverman’s tweet on “anally probing” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that he re-tweeted it for his 439 followers to enjoy. It is clear this controversial legislator is developing a reputation for making thoughtless and foolish statements.  For the record, it’s not okay to anally probe anyone for any reason.

On Sunday, the Colorado Republican Party issued a press release condemning Salazar’s remarks and calling on the Democrat House Speaker Mark Ferrandino to renounce the boorish remarks, “reminding his Democratic colleagues that is never okay to advocate for or joke about rape.”

It would also be interesting to hear from 6th Congressional Candidate Andrew Romanoff, one of the few former lawmakers who are listed on Salazar’s website as endorsing the embattled state representative. What exactly does Romanoff see in this guy to continue to allow his endorsement to be associated with someone who has made repeated inappropriate comments about rape?

Salazar eventually apologized for his insensitive remarks about campus rape. Will he walk back this strange Twitter episode in a similar manner?