State Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Box of Rocks) ain’t the brightest bulb in the legislative bunch in Colorado. He has a well-known propensity for staying stupid and offensive things, from claiming college women aren’t capable of knowing when they’re about to be raped to retweeting a joke about anally raping Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

This trend continues today, with a reader tipping us off to some more of Salazar’s online antics.

It turns out Salazar is a member of a Facebook group titled F.U.C.K. Buck, a seeming attack outlet set up during Weld County DA Ken Buck’s 2010 run for the U.S. Senate. Only it doesn’t seem to have many members left besides the esteemed membership of Rep. Salazar.

We can’t wait to read Alicia Caldwell’s next column, talking about how it’s just Facebook and this is really no big deal.

UPDATE: Apparently nobody told Salazar to clean up his social media accounts before running for office. On his Facebook page is a note called “25 Random Things About Me” which has some rather, um, odd items:

1. where most guys are “boobs” or “butt” guys, i am a “hands” guy.

4. i can’t use a public restroom to go big potties

16. i believe December 21, 2012, will be a pivotal moment in human history. (Peak note: Mayan apocalypse)

16. i’m scared to death of Bigfoot! (Peak note: Yes, he has two #16s)

22. i think atheists are a bunch of idiots.

23. i think fundamentalist christians are a bunch of idiots too.