Eli Stokols had another in a series of puff-job interviews with Governor John Hickenlooper this week.

When will we learn which color is John Hick’s favorite? Stay tuned for Eli’s next interview.

Other than the absence of a tough question, we were most struck by Hick’s floating of a trial balloon for a potential commutation of the death sentence of Nathan Dunlap, the convicted killer who murdered four people at Chuck E. Cheese.

From The Denver Channel:

Nathan Dunlap has been behind bars for 20 years. He was 19 years old when he walked into a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Aurora in 1993 at closing time and shot five people in the head, before taking $1,500 from a safe. Three teenage employees and a mother of two died. One person survived the shooting.

If you watch Eli’s interview, it is hard to conclude that the governor isn’t entertaining commuting Dunlap’s sentence.

Since the governor relies heavily on polls to make his tough decisions, let us remind him of the last poll done on the death penalty in Colorado as it relates to Dunlap. As The Colorado Observer reported:

Support for the death penalty jumped to 69 percent when respondents were told that abolishing the death penalty could lead to overturning Nathan Dunlap’s convictions for the grisly 1996 murders of four Denver-area Chuck E. Cheese restaurant employees.

What ever happened to that infamous political sense that Hickenlooper allegedly had? Punishing gun owners, ignoring the Sheriffs, and now coddling criminals?