Gov. Hickenlooper and his Chief of Staff Roxanne White deep in discussion

Chuck E. Cheese killer Nathan Dunlap may have a few more months before his scheduled execution in August, but sources tell Colorado Peak Politics that a decision on whether or not to commute his sentence is likely coming much sooner than that.

Governor Hickenlooper has been publicly weighing whether to commute Dunlap’s death penalty sentence, giving the mass murderer a reprieve for killing four Coloradans in 1993, including three teenagers.

Part of Hickenlooper’s calculus has been his outspoken senior staff, most visibly his Chief of Staff Roxanne White, who tweeted at Dunlap’s hearing that “there has to be a more humane path.”

Humane is not a word we’d use to describe the punishment deserved by a cold-blooded killer who bragged abou the killings afterwards and got a prison tattoo with a smoking gun that said “By Any Means Necessary.”

But White has shed crocodile tears for Dunlap and been one of the most outspoken members of Hickenlooper’s top aides urging the Governor to cancel Dunlap’s death penalty, a sentence decided by a jury almost 20 years ago.

Now sources are telling the Peak that White has threatened to resign if Hickenlooper doesn’t commute Dunlap’s sentence. With a long and close relationship with the Governor, White’s alleged threat could carry a great deal of weight with Hick.

As we’ve asked before, is the tail wagging the dog over at the governor’s mansion? What is driving this literal life or death decision? The people of Colorado have a right to know.