Channel 7 finally catches up to Denver DA Mitch Morrissey after five months of interview requests about his office’s high percentage of refusals to prosecute felonies and felony sexual assault.

Denver’s Channel 7 investigative reporters recently released an explosive report that Democrat Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has declined to prosecute the majority of sexual assault cases that are brought to his office.  According to the report, Morrissey and the office he oversees declines to prosecute 36% of all felonies and 71% of sexual assaults in his jurisdiction.  According to the analysis:

“Those rates are substantially higher than the refusal rates of seven other Front Range judicial districts and several similar jurisdictions around the United States that the CALL7 Investigators surveyed.”

The left’s dishonest messaging that there is a war on women from the right crescendo’d in 2010 with the U.S. Senate candidacy of Republican Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck when a rape victim came forward and claimed that he had declined to prosecute her case.  It might surprise Peak Nation™ to learn that Weld County had the lowest rate of refusal to prosecute overall felonies at just 2%.  So, who is waging a war on women, again?

But, this isn’t the first time that Democrats have put criminals before victims.  Earlier this year, Democrats refused to pass Jessica’s Law, leaving Colorado one of just five states that has no minimum sentencing for sexual crimes against children.  And, then, there was Democratic Rep. Pete Lee’s restorative justice legislation that had the potential to re-victimize victims by forcing them to face their perpetrators. And, then, there was a bill this session to repeal the death penalty.

Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to be the last time Democrats do this either.  Colorado’s Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is rumored to be considering sparing the life of convicted “Chuck E. Cheese killler” Nathan Dunlap, despite requests from a victim’s family asking Hickenlooper to not go that route.  Statement from the mother of shooting victim Benjamin Grant:

“Sandi Rogers begs Governor to ‘sit back, make no decision, allow the one that 12 people made after listening to all the evidence 17 years ago stand. I wish you could have met my son, listened to all of the things said about him after this act of planned murder, the amount of love that flowed. I honestly think if (you) had been there you would have no doubt the decision for death.'”

Should Coloradans be surprised by any of these actions by these radical Democrats?  Of course not.  This is all just a part of the liberal platform – grabbing guns, raising taxes, and coddling criminals.