We are not sure if it is officially imposed or not, but this much is clear…the Colorado Democratic establishment has a self-imposed gag order in effect in the aftermath of their man Johnny Hick’s decision to save Nathan Dunlap’s life.

The one exception to the rule seems to be Rep. Rhonda Fields who said she was “saddened” by Hick’s decision. Fields’ son’s murderers are now sitting on death row besides Nathan Dunlap.

John Morse wouldn’t return Lynn Bartels’ calls.

Rick Palacio never misses a chance to say something even when he has nothing to say.

Denver DA Mitch Morrissey might be busy dealing with his own rape prosecution (or lack thereof) scandal, but surely the loquacious prosecutor could find time to weigh in. So far he hasn’t.

Where in the world did all the elected Democrats under the Gold Dome go?

It doesn’t take a smoking gun memo to see that a gag order is in place.

The one time Democrats don’t want to trash talk about their big and bold liberal agenda is when it involves intervening on behalf of a mass murderer.

Scared of the political ramifications of Hick’s decision? Of course they are. Democrats in Colorado, your cowardice makes us want to gag.