CNN’s Jake Tapper is reporting that the NRA has decided to throw its considerable heft into the recall effort against Senate President John Morse.

This is not a good sign for Morse.

In a mailer obtained by CNN, the NRA Political Victory fund wrote to a “Second Amendment Supporter” in Colorado that “your NRA is coordinating a recall effort with the Basic Freedom Defense Fund to put Senator Morse on the ballot for a special election and vote him out of office.” (Emphasis theirs.)

You can see both sides of the mailer here and here.

Writes the NRA: “State Senator Morse led the charge to pass extreme and onerous anti-gun state legislation in Denver earlier this year. Responsible gun owners and sportsmen will be forever burdened by his misguided leadership in the Colorado Senate.”

The NRA mailing sends recipients to the website of the Basic Freedom Defense Fund and urges them to find a local petition signing location where, it’s suggested, they go to sign the petition to hold a recall election. The petition drive has a June 3 deadline; 7,178 signatures are needed to mandate a recall election.

Morse was on CNN this afternoon, telling the cable news channel that he thinks the recall campaign will be going ahead. What was once derided as a doomed-to-fail-effort at gathering signatures is very much in the realm of the possible and probable at this point.

With a recent poll showing a majority support for recalling the Senate President once voters become aware of the “crazy…absolutely nuts” gun manufacturer liability bill he authored, the prospect of a political powerhouse like the NRA getting involved has got to make Morse sweat bullets.