When you accuse your opponents of being sex offenders seeking to steal people’s identities, it’s not usually a sign of confidence in your own political position. A new poll by Public Opinion Strategies in Senate President John Morse’s Senate District 11 demonstrates why Morse’s people are going scorched earth against his impending recall campaign organizers.

Morse, to put it simply, is in serious trouble.

Reports The Colorado Observer:

DENVER – The effort to recall embattled Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) is gaining steam, according to the results of a new survey. The poll, released today by the women’s group I Am Created Equal, also revealed widespread voter discontent with the Democrat-controlled legislature.

“The voters in Senate District 11 are clearly leaning toward recalling Senator Morse,” said Laura Carno who heads the non-partisan group. “They are paying attention to the gun bill debate, they don’t have a highly favorable image of Senator Morse, and are more sharply in favor of the recall when they hear of proposed legislation.”

…Nearly six in ten poll respondents – 58 percent – said that gun control legislation Morse helped to enact represents the “wrong approach and should not be passed” or “has good intentions but goes too far.”

That may explain why a plurality of those surveyed – 34 percent – say they support recalling Morse while just 29 percent said they opposed the effort. Another 33 percent remain undecided.

However, just 38 percent of respondents said they had heard about the recall effort — one reason why support for removing Morse isn’t higher, given broad voter unease with the gun control measures themselves.

“Given the relatively low awareness, it is not surprising to see a significant number of undecided voters,” said Nicole McCleskey of Public Opinion Strategies, the firm that conducted the poll.

But McCleskey noted that the public opinion needle moved significantly when respondents were told about Morse’s controversial bill to subject gun owners and makers to lawsuits.

“After hearing about Morse’s proposed legislation to hold gun makers liable for crimes committed with guns they manufactured, voters move sharply in favor of the recall,” said McCleskey. “With new information, 56 percent of voters in the district support Morse’s recall.”

Our sources say the recall campaign is going to happen. Organizers have until June 3 to turn in 7,178 signatures — something imminently attainable in an urban area district.

The fact that a plurality support recalling Morse must worry the Senate President, but the bigger problem for Morse is the fact that support for recalling him skyrockets when people hear about the bills he pushed this past session.

Morse’s gun liability bill, dubbed “crazy…absolutely nuts” by Democratic Rep. Ed Vigil, might end up being the anchor that brings down his political career. Too bad for him he couldn’t even get it passed.