UPDATE: According to Kopel, Grand County Sheriff Rodney Johnson has now joined the effort.


Some Sheriffs would rather stand with Obama and Bloomberg, rather than for their constituents’ 2nd Amendment rights

Earlier today we reported on 54 County Sheriffs in Colorado who had signed onto a lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg’s extreme gun control legislation.

With 64 Sheriffs in Colorado, that left 10 who refused to stand up for gun rights. (All Sheriffs are elected, except for those in Denver and Broomfield counties, which are appointed)

Unsurprisingly, many of these Sheriffs are from the hardest left bastions of the state, like Aspen and Boulder.

Contact info for each of these cowards can be found on the County Sheriffs of Colorado’s website.

Here they are:

Rodney Johnson, Sheriff of Grand County

Joseph Hoy, Sheriff of Eagle County

Kirk Taylor, Sheriff of Pueblo County

William Palmer, Jr, Sheriff of Chaffee County

Robert Gurule, Sheriff of Conejos County

Bill Masters, Sheriff of San Miguel County

Joseph Pelle, Sheriff of Boulder County

Joe Disalvo, Sheriff of Pitkin County

Tom Deland, Sheriff of Broomfield County

Gary Wilson, Sheriff of Denver County

UPDATE: It’s worth noting that all 64 Sheriffs signed onto a white paper opposing the gun bills when they were working their way through the legislature. These 10, for whatever reason, decided not to step up to the plate and fight the laws once they were passed.