In the fight to recall Senate President John Morse over his “insane…absolutely nuts” gun control legislation, national liberal interests have flocked to Morse’s defense, while the anti-Morse forces have drawn support much closer to home.

The recall campaign was conducted by volunteers, paid signature gatherers hired by a Colorado Springs-based firm, and the largest donation to the recall campaign came via Colorado Springs-based conservative women’s group I Am Created Equal.

The anti-recall effort in the form of Morse front group A Whole Lot o’ People For Morse, however, has found their financial resources and support coming from New York, Chicago and now Washington, DC.

Today, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) blasted out a fundraising request asking for donations to help save Morse’s hide. Guess where that email originated:

Let’s lay this out. The Morse front group is getting pretty much all their money from the NYC Mayor Bloomberg-backed America Votes, their ads are being placed by a Chicago firm and they are fundraising via a Washington, DC-based organization.

What’s the other side have to say about that? They’re freaking out because the Colorado Springs-based conservative women’s group has former Colorado politicians on their board. Huh.

UPDATE: Morse’s local paper, the Colorado Springs Gazette, writes up the funding of the Morse recall campaign:

The effort to recall Senate President John Morse has been aided by more than $71,000 in donations and in-kind contributions since mid-March, according to the latest financial report filed by El Paso Freedom Defense Fund. 

The biggest chunk of that money – $56,798 – came from a Colorado Springs-based non-profit run by political consultant Laura Carno.

That money went directly to Kennedy Enterprises, a local company that handled the signature gathering operations of the El Paso Freedom Defense Fund.

Local money going to a local business to take out Morse.