A Chicago-based liberal media group has placed $15,000 worth of ads on the Colorado Springs-area TV station KOAA on behalf of the pro-Senate President John Morse front group, a media tracking source tells the Peak.

The ads were placed for the group “A Whole Lot of People for John Morse” by Chicago-based Adelstein Liston, and are running from May 3-19.

Adelstein Liston’s client list reads like a who’s who of left-wing politicians and special interest groups including President Obama, Senator Harry Reid and America Votes partners such as Emily’s List and the AFL-CIO.

They’ve also done work for Senator Michael Bennet on behalf of the public employee union AFSCME.

It’s a client list that doesn’t seem to line up with the values of conservative-leaning Colorado Springs residents — you know, the ones that a leader of the pro-Morse group called “right-wing, religious whack-jobs” on his bio on the Denver Democratic Party’s website.

The fact that media buys are coming out of Chicago further underscores the role of out-of-state actors in the pro-Morse effort. On Tuesday, The Denver Post reported most of the pro-Morse money was coming from a national liberal group, America Votes, while the anti-Morse cash came from local Colorado Springs-based I Am Created Equal.

Despite the crush of national cash flooding the pro-Morse group’s coffers, it’s the votes from Senate District 11 residents that will ultimately make the biggest difference. And, as we reported earlier today, they seem apt to chuck him from office.