Photo courtesy of Facebook

What is it with Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper?  Every time there’s a big emotional story impacting Colorado, Hick is partying with his friends.

First, it was his disastrous Dunlap decision after which he went to one of Denver’s largest social events of the year and rubbed elbows with Denver Broncos.  Last night, as evacuees were gathering their most beloved possessions and looking for somewhere to stay due to forest fires, Hick was kicking off his campaign at History Colorado, Denver’s newest museum.

Last night’s soiree, a kick-off for his 2014 Finance Committee, asked guests to donate $10,000 to be on his finance committee, $2,200 to be a host for the event, $1,100 to co-host, and $550 to simply attend.  Per the pictures on Facebook, it looks as though he had about 50 to 75 in attendance.  So, again, while Hick was rubbing elbows with high dollar donors, Colorado Springs residents were fleeing this enormous fire.  Surely, he realizes that the optics of this are terrible.

Just today, the called the Black Forest fire the most destructive in Colorado’s history, having destroyed 360 homes in the Colorado Springs area.  According to the Associated Press, some evacuees had just five minutes to pack and leave their homes.  And, this isn’t Colorado’s only fire burning. The AP also is reporting that another fire had destroyed 20 buildings in the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park area, and another fire was blazing in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hick’s hot party last night must be cold comfort to those who have lost or may lose everything in the fires.