Another natural disaster for Colorado, another black tie event for Governor John Hickenlooper.  Saturday night, Hick wined and dined with Denver’s top oil and gas folks at a black tie gala as Coloradans suffered with intense flooding throughout the state.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Hick schmoozed with the state’s finest as Colorado experienced a major event.  The first was when Hick attended the Mizel dinner after issuing the Dunlap non-decision.  Then, as Colorado families were evacuating due to wildfires, he held a pricey campaign kickoff at History Colorado.  And, now, as some Coloradans are seeing their homes washed away by flooding (most of whom have no flood insurance), Hick attends yet another black tie event.

Just one question for you, Guv.  Would it kill you to miss a party when your constituents are suffering so?