Feeling the electric bill blues or pain at the pump?  Conservation Colorado has done Coloradans the favor of helping us quickly identify who to blame for high energy prices in its 2013 Colorado Legislative Conservation Scorecard.

First, the report praised Democratic Senate leadership from Senate President John Morse and Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll.  Here’s what was written about Morse:  “Senator Morse was the driving force behind SB252, the bill that increased the rural renewable energy standard.”

Thus far in the process, Sen. Morse is facing a tough recall election in his district.  Perhaps the higher bills alone justify his recall.  In fact, Morse tried to convince Colorado, in this Denver Business Journal article, that forcing middle class families to pay more for energy is in their best interest.

“Colorado has become a national leader in renewable energy, but the economic and health benefits of investments in technologies, such as wind and solar, are not shared by all Coloradans.  Increasing the market for clean energy for our state’s largest cooperative utilities will ensure our rural utilities are working hard for rural families and businesses. It will be good for our air, individual pocketbooks, and the bottom-line for businesses.”

That reasoning sounds so snazzy, except that there is nothing factual about it.  Last year, we highlighted the truth about the high cost to taxpayers and end users of wind and solar energy as compared to oil and natural gas.  Other legislators that Conservation Colorado praised for passing SB252 included Democrats Senator Angela “Recall-Target” Giron, Representative Crisanta Duran, and Senator Jesse Ulibarri.

Other members of leadership the publication commended included Democratic Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino and Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst.

The next category of “winners” were the “Conservation Champions” and included Democrats Sen. Gail Schwartz, Sen. Angela Giron, and Reps. Max “I Love My Truck” Tyler, Randy Fischer, and Crisanta Duran.  Finally, the report highlighted the conservation racketeering industry’s “Rising Stars”.  These included Democratic Sens. Jessie Ulibarri and Matt Jones as well as Representatives Mike Foote, Diane Mitsch-Bush, and Leroy Garcia.

While Conservation Colorado has identified these Democrats as victors of the 2013 session, we stand by our analysis of the 2011 Conservation Colorado Scorecard:

“Standing against some of the ridiculous legislation pushed by the enviros makes you a conservative champion in our book. We love the environment too. We hike, ski, hunt and pretty much have the same enjoyment of the beautiful Colorado outdoors as anyone else, but the Green Machine’s legislative priorities place enviro nonsense ahead of jobs and common sense.”