Morgan Carroll, Colorado’s newly-elected Democratic Senate President told Colorado Public Radio last week that “her main goal will be improving the state’s economy.”  Try not to laugh.

This is coming from the woman who is leading the party that championed an exhaustive slate of bills last year designed to impede our state’s most promising industry, make energy more expensive for rural Colorado customers, passed a law in the face of employers promising to leave the state.  And all of this was capped off by their support of a wildly unpopular tax increase that would have pulled one billion more dollars out of the pockets of hard working Coloradans – and disproportionately harmed small business owners.

In Carroll’s spare time, she was able to support the hyper-partisan legislation on social issues that was so toxic that it triggered the recall of two sitting state senators and the resignation of a third.

So, pardon us if we are a bit skeptical of the new Senate President’s announcement that the economy will be Job One when she gavels open the new session in a couple of weeks.  With her disastrous track record of supporting measures that hinder economic growth, one could only imagine what she has in mind for “her main goal” in 2014.