Senate President John Morse is under fire from local Colorado Springs leaders, from the police association to the City Council President, for his ethical improprieties and votes against harsher penalties for child predators.

Yesterday, the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association sent out a robocall to 17,000 households in Colorado Springs, laying into Morse over his opposition to tougher laws against “violent sexual predators who prey on children.” Here’s the transcript from the call:

“Hello. My name is Tim Ives and I’m an officer on the board of directors for the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association.

We are asking you to vote YES to recall John Morse because he no longer listens or shares our values.

As a Senator, Morse wrote a bill to let identity thieves out of prison early.

Even more shocking is that John Morse voted against protecting children from violent sexual predators.

We are dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable and John Morse makes our jobs harder.

Please join your first responders in voting YES to recall John Morse and replace him with Bernie Herpin.

Paid for by the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association.”

Adding to the assault, Morse’s Republican challenger Bernie Herpin is piling on today with attacks on Morse’s ethical problems – which coincide with a TV ad running on Morse’s ethics investigation. Even the mild-mannered former State Senator and current Colorado Springs City Council President Keith King lobs a bomb at Morse:

“John Morse’s entire campaign has been about trying to hide his multiple ethics scandals from the public. It’s not working and is yet another reason why John Morse will be recalled on September 10th.”

The CO Springs police also manage another jab at the Senate President in the release. It appears Springs cops are no fan of their former colleague:

“On the beat, we get called to the same houses over and over again. Generally, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. We need a state senator we can trust, not one who plays fast and loose with the rules,” said former Colorado Springs Police Protective Association President Pete Tomitsch.

It’s going to be a close race on September 10, but with local leaders coming out swinging against Morse we wouldn’t want to be in his position.