While few Democrats would admit to worrying about the recalls of Democratic Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron, their actions tell a different tale.

Earlier today, the Peak reported that Conservation Colorado was walking on behalf of Giron over the weekend.  Now, we’ve learned from KOAA.com that Planned Parenthood sent out 27,000 mailers in Morse and Giron’s district allegedly “to ‘educate’ [voters] ahead of the September 10 recall special elections.”

That’s right, when the elections get tough, the Democrats start the fear mongering among women.  They’ve been doing it for years, and, hopefully, women see through the ruse. Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Vice President of Public Affairs Cathy Aldermann is quoted as saying:

“The recall process is in place to remove legislators whom are corrupt or have done illegal things in office; not so that we can force elections every time an extremist group disagrees with a vote.”

We’re so glad she agrees with the recall supporters who have frequently pointed to Morse’s ethical lapses as a top rationale for recall.  Thanks for the backup on this one, Cathy.

But, it’s also interesting to watch the Democrats deploy their foot soldiers in such a meaningful way for a group that feels fairly confident in its chance of success. Let’s see if we can guess, based on previous year’s examples, which group the left will deploy next.  We’ve already covered the environmentalists, now we have the Planned Parenthood folks, so maybe unions will be the next round of “attack”?  We haven’t heard too much from them this year.

We hope that the voters in Colorado Springs and Pueblo see through these seemingly desperate measures and vote to recall both the corrupt Morse and hidden Giron.  But, we have to ask where are the “whole lot of people for John Morse” when the left needs them?