In a historic recall election Senate President John Morse was booted from office, capping the end of a long and passionate fight over gun rights in Colorado. It marks a wake-up call for Colorado Democrats, who are suddenly coming to the realization that they’re not invincible after all.

In a legislative session this spring dubbed “one of the most liberal ever” by the Durango Herald‘s Joe Hanel, Democrats sprinted to the left on gun control, and virtually every other policy in the left-wing agenda.

The Morse recall results are a swift kick in their proverbial nuts. A reminder to legislators that getting elected office doesn’t give you a free pass to do whatever your progressive paymasters demand of you.

And, as the Morse recall demonstrates, it’s ultimately the voters who control a politician’s fate, despite the competing intentions of a fat walleted few.

We speak, of course, of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has bankrolled the gun control agenda from the get-go. Even his billions can only buy so many friends…and votes.

Sensing defeat in the hours before polls closed, Democrats suddenly started crying voter suppression, pointing out Morse’s district had less votes than Giron’s. But Giron’s district has always had more voters turnout — 50% more the last time Giron and Morse were on the ballot in 2010. And the absentee ballot return in both districts was nearly identical.

No, this race wasn’t about voter suppression. It was about Democrats misreading the mandate they were given in 2012. They become “too extreme” for Colorado and paid the price in the seat of the highest ranking legislative Democrat in the land.

What Colorado voters giveth they can taketh away.