Last Friday, former Senate President John Morse took to the airwaves of CNN’s Crossfire in a strangely smug performance to spin away his historic loss in the recall election.

He followed in the footsteps of his fellow recalled Senator, Angela Giron, who melted down on CNN only a day earlier.

During the debate — which was chock full of incorrect facts from nearly everyone on the show — John Morse makes a rather stark admission. He tells host S.E. Cupp that the magazine ban, which limited magazines to 15 rounds and banned any magazines that could be converted to hold more than 15, was entirely “arbitrary.”


S.E. Cupp: Senator Morse, your bill, the bill that we’re talking about, that passed, limits magazine capacities to 15 rounds and bans magazines that are easily convertible, yes? Why 15? That sounds pretty arbitrary to me.

John Morse: And certainly it is arbitrary. It was just the thought that was negotiated. It started at 10. It actually wasn’t my bill, just for the record. [Peak emphasis]

Cupp: You co-sponsored it.

Morse: It was eventually negotiated up to 15. Yes, I eventually co-sponsored it. Yes, that’s right. It was negotiated up to 15 in an effort to get the gun manufacturer Magpul that was in the state and objecting. To get them on board. That didn’t work. And so we actually gave up 5 rounds for the heck of it.

We’ve clipped the relevant section for our readers. Roll the tape:

We bet Mike Bloomberg and his fellow gun control donors are pumped that they dropped millions defending a politician who was recalled in part over his support of a self-professed “arbitrary” law.

The full Crossfire segment can be found here:

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