A reader sends along some hilarious GIFs of now-former Senators Angela Giron and John Morse losing it on CNN on consecutive days.

Last week, when the CNN anchor told Giron that she was going to cut off her lame “voter suppression” argument because that doesn’t explain why she was so personally unpopular, Giron couldn’t believe it. A reporter who won’t stand for her BS? What is this?

Check out the two GIFs after the jump:

The next day, John Morse went on CNN’s Crossfire. When told that Magpul is leaving the state because of the Mag Ban bill he co-sponsored, Morse becomes undone.

To be fair, host S.E. Cupp incorrectly claimed that Magpul has moved to Wyoming. They haven’t announced their new home state yet. It is, in fact, another company — HiViz Shooting Systems — that pulled out of Colorado and moved to Wyoming over Morse’s gun bills. We got a kick out of Morse’s reaction anyway.