I Am Created Equal Action’s Laura Carno today launched UdallLied.com, a project focused on exposing Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s lies and leadership failures.  According to her press release:

“Mark Udall proudly cast the decisive 60th vote for ObamaCare….  Without exceptions, or exclusions, Mark Udall promised we could keep our insurance and our doctors. …Senator Udall lied to all of us….  With his vote, Senator Mark Udall is responsible for over 250,000 Coloradans already having their health insurance cancelled. …Just like President Obama, just like Senator Harry Reid, Senator Udall looked us all in the eye, and lied,” said Laura Carno.   “I am asking for citizens to join me in exposing Mark Udall’s lies.”

See her video below.

From the 15-second spot:

“Senator Udall, don’t you dare tell more lies about this health care mess.  You’re the one who took away our doctors.  You’re the one who canceled our plans. You looked us in the eye Senator Udall, and you lied.”