State Senator Ted Harvey wrote an interesting op-ed in the Colorado Statesman this week, which contains shocking insight that puts meat on the bones of just how big a disaster Obamacare has become here in Colorado

From Senator Harvey:

“On Nov. 6, the Colorado Division of Insurance announced that 249,199 Coloradans have had their health insurance policies cancelled by companies seeking to comply with the federal health reform law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

What the public does not yet fully understand is that these cancellations are not a glitch or a hiccup in the design of a web page. Massive policy cancellations were built into the PPACA from the beginning, and we were warned about it early and often.”

Recall that earlier this week, Laura Carno dropped a blistering ad targeting Mark Udall for his #FAILED promise that Coloradans could keep their health insurance once the Affordable Care Act became lie.  The Washington Post reported that big fat whopper of a pledge as “the lie of the year”.

That is an understatement the size of Michelle Obama’s stiletto.

We think it is the biggest lie since President Clinton and, well, you know….

Now, thanks to Senator Ted Harvey, we know the consequences — Mark Udall lied, and the health insurance coverage of 250,000 Coloradans died.

Mark Udall, call your office.  A jammed up website is the least of your problems.