Quick, Senator Udall, bust out some more B.S. on how you are defending Coloradans’ privacy because we’ve got some more bad news on Obamacare that you enabled.

As reported by The Washington Times today, the rating agency Moody’s Investor Service has changed its outlook for the entire U.S. health industry from stable to negative.  They pulled no punches when they placed the blame and put it squarely at the feet of Udall-backed Obamacare.

“While all of these issues had been on our radar screen as we approached 2014, a new development and a key factor for the change in outlook is the unstable and evolving regulatory environment under which the sector is operating,” Moody’s said. “Notably, new regulations and presidential announcements over the last several months with respect to the ACA have imposed operational changes well after product and pricing decisions had been finalized.” [the Peak emphasis]

Wow, that is impressive… impressively incompetent.  Not only can Udall and Obama flush an entire industry that comprises over 17% of America’s GDP down the toilet, but they can do it without even accomplishing what they set out to do.

“And a Gallup-Healthways survey released Thursday said that, despite the rocky rollout of the Obamacare’s online markets, the uninsured rate for January dropped by 1.2 percent to 16.1 percent.”

1.2% drop in the uninsured sounds really good, until you realize the percentage of Americans without health insurance in 2008 before this whole Obamacare fiasco started was 15.4%.

The ineptitude of Udall and this law is astounding especially when you figure that 16.1% comes after the fact that whole swath of young adults are covered under their parents’ insurance until 26 now.

Let’s recap what exactly Udall voted to happen to Coloradans: 1) Higher healthcare costs 2) Higher uninsured percentage 3) Cause one of the largest industries nationally to be put on death watch by rating agencies.

If this is how Udall keeps his promises, we’re afraid of what our privacy has coming to it in the near future.